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Interself - Поисково-логистическая система в области электроники

+7 926 309-32-67 [Russia, Moscow. GMT +3]
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About Interself

Our Business

Interself Company Inc. was found in 2002 as an internet self-service system. It was breakthrough in Russian internet. There were no companies in web market segment with self-service.
Web innovations and huge Stok allowed Interself to grow from small business to the World Wide Broker.
Main features of our business are:
  • Huge Stock
  • Stabiliry
  • World Wide net of Partners
  • Competitive Prices

Customers Vote for Interself with US dollars, Canadian dollars, yen, won, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore dollars, Taiwan dollars, New Zealand dollars, pounds, euros, russian rubles, ukranian grivens and holland guldens.

Vital Statistics

Number of Employees:10
Facility:40 square feet
Products Stocked:800,000 plus
Manufacturers Represented:300 plus
Calls/Year:50 000 plus
Faxes/Year:30 000 plus
Orders Processed/Year:100 000 plus
Customers Served/Year:1 000 plus

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